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Readima simulates many reading techniques such as Meta Guiding, or Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) to help you read faster with high comprehension.

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Methodology Feature
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Scan and skim Feature
Scanning and skimming help you intelligently summarize passages. Display important sentences with prominent colors, helping you visualize the content of the paragraph quickly.
Word List Checker Feature
Word list checker is a feature that allows you to check the words you are searching or studying in the fastest way. Currently Readima has provided you with available word libraries, to be able to use. In addition, the user can also enter the words that the user wants
More display
Users can easily edit the theme for readability. Adjust Font Family, font size, etc.
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Meta Guiding speed reading simulation
Auto start speed reading when open reader mode
Auto open reader mode when access a url
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Deletion of unwanted elements on reader mode
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More reading pointer customization
Maximum settings for speed reading
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